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Ice Cream and Ices Recipes

Easy Vanilla Ice Cream No Churn Chocolate Ice Cream Chocolate Ice Cream
A rich and creamy Philadelphia-style ice cream that's so easy to make. An eggless mixture of cream, milk, sugar, and vanilla. more This ice cream tastes like a frozen chocolate mousse. It has a rich chocolate flavor and creamy smooth texture. Easy to make and you don't need an ice cream machine. more This homemade Chocolate Ice Cream has a wonderfully rich chocolate flavor and a silky smooth texture. It's like a frozen chocolate mousse. more
Watermelon Bombe Vanilla Ice Cream No Churn Vanilla Ice Cream
A Watermelon Bombe is a frozen dessert made by layering lime sherbet, vanilla ice cream and raspberry sorbet in a mold. more Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream is made from a custard base which gives it a rich taste and smooth and creamy texture. more This vanilla flavored ice cream is wonderfully rich and creamy smooth. It is made with just three ingredients, and you don't need an ice cream machine. more

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Fruit Smoothie

Strawberry Ice Cream

No Churn Strawberry Ice Cream

A Fruit Smoothie (or Frappe) is a combination of pureed fruit, yogurt (plain or flavored), juice, and crushed ice that makes for a delicious drink that is chock full of nutrients. more Strawberry Ice Cream is made with strawberry puree which gives it a lovely strawberry flavor. more A wonderfully smooth and creamy ice cream with a deliciously rich strawberry flavor. And you don't need an ice cream machine as the ingredients are just beaten together and then frozen. more

Orange Ice Cream

Ice Cream Cakes

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Orange Ice Cream has a lovely grainy texture (like a sherbet) that's full of citrus flavor and rich with cream. more Raspberry Ice Cream Cakes consist of rounds of pound cake that are topped with raspberry jam, vanilla ice cream, and raspberry whipped cream. more This Ice Cream Sandwich is made with two layers of chocolate cake sandwiched together with Vanilla Ice Cream. more

Raspberry Swirl Ice Cream

Strawberry Sherbet

Maple Pecan Ice Cream

This delicious Raspberry Swirl Ice Cream takes freshly churned vanilla ice cream and layers it with a tart and tangy homemade raspberry sauce. more This rose colored Strawberry Sherbet takes roasted strawberries and mixes them with sugar, a little lemon juice, yogurt and heavy cream. more Maple Pecan Ice Cream combines two native American ingredients, maple syrup from the North and pecans from the South. more

Blackberry Sorbet

Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

Raspberry Sherbet

Blackberry Sorbet is a beautiful deep burgundy color with a sweet flavor and soft and grainy texture. more

This recipe takes the Strawberry Ice Cream recipe and enhances it with the tangy flavor of cream cheese. more

This delightfully refreshing Raspberry Sherbet is made with fresh or frozen raspberries, along with sugar, milk, and a splash of lemon juice. more

Dulce de Leche Frozen Yogurt Frozen Chocolate Banana Pops

Rum Raisin Ice Cream

This beautiful caramel colored and flavored Dulce de Leche Frozen Yogurt is light and sweet, yet refreshingly tangy. more Frozen Chocolate Banana Pops take frozen chunks of banana and dips them in melted chocolate. They can then be rolled in chopped nuts, toasted coconut, granola, or candied sprinkles. more A deliciously smooth and creamy vanilla ice cream full of rum soaked dark and golden raisins and crunchy toasted pecans. more
Lemon Sherbet Pumpkin Ice Cream Sandwiches Strawberry Sorbet
Lemon Sherbet has a tangy lemon flavor and creamy texture which comes from using equal amounts of lemon juice, heavy whipping cream, and milk. more Pumpkin Ice Cream Sandwiches combine delicious chocolate cookies filled with white chocolate chips and pumpkin ice cream. more Strawberry Sorbet is a delicious frozen blend of pureed strawberries and sugar. more
Profiteroles Frozen Fudge Pops Candy Corn Parfaits
Sweet Profiteroles are delicious. This dessert takes small, crisp, hollow rounds of choux pastry and fills them with ice cream and drizzles a warm chocolate sauce over the top. more These homemade Frozen Fudge Pops taste like a frozen chocolate pudding on a stick. Wonderfully rich and creamy. more Candy Corn Parfaits are made by layering vanilla ice cream, with orange sherbet and lemon sorbet. more
Frozen Fruit Pops Ice Cream Cones Frozen Peach Pops
Frozen Fruit Pops are made from a berry puree, sugar syrup, and fruit juice. more This recipe makes a crepe-like batter that produces a cone that is a cross between a sugar cone and a crepe. more Try these delicious, icy cold Peach Pops. Full of pureed peaches, mixed with a sugar syrup and a little Prosecco. So refreshing. more

Man has always desired a cool drink when the weather turns hot. Although if we want a drink today all we need to do is walk to the refrigerator, this was not in case in centuries gone as refrigerators in every home only happened in the early 20th century and ice making machines were not invented until the 1850s. It seems amazing now but for centuries the only way people living in hot climates could cool their drinks was to have first gathered ice and snow from mountain tops and frozen rivers and lakes. They would bring back huge blocks of ice and snow to their village on horseback or by boat and place it in large dug out pits where the ice would be packed and insulated with grasses, leaves and furs. The pit would then be covered with wooden planks and the ice stored until the summer months when it was used to cool their drinks. The collecting of snow and ice in North America became a prosperous business during the winter months. Ice would be collected from frozen lakes and shipped not only to the warmer southern states but to many other parts of the world.

The people of the Middle East, with its hot climate, had to go to great lengths to gather and store the ice and snow. One popular drink, cooled with the ice and snow and sold by street vendors during the summer months, was the Sherbet. Sherbet was a non alcoholic sweetened fruit drink known as 'sharab'.  As time went on alcohol was added to this drink so a new name 'sharbat' was given to the original non alcoholic fruit drink. By the 16th century ice houses were being built in Europe and the sharbat also made its way to Europe where it became very popular. In Italy the fruit drink was called sorbetto (from the verb sorboire meaning 'to sip'), in France it was called sorbet, in Spain it was called sorbete and the English called it sherbet. Over time, and with the advent of making artificial ice, sorbets/sherbets were sometimes frozen and were either served as a drink or eaten with a spoon.

Marco Polo has often been credited with bringing ice cream to Europe from China. This story may or may not be true, but Italy is definitely where ice cream established its roots. The English quickly adopted ice cream as they have long enjoyed foods containing milk. Ice cream and ices spread to America with the first record of it being served was in the 1740s at a dinner given by the Governor of Maryland. Ice cream quickly spread aided by the commercial business of ice harvesting in the Northern States. Before long, even in New Orleans (1808) vendors were selling ice cream daily. With our love of ice cream came many new inventions, the first hand cranked ice cream freezer (1846), the sundae (1874), the ice cream cone (1904), the chocolate covered ice cream bar (1919), and the ice cream sandwich, banana split, ice cream cake, and chocolate covered ice cream bar on a stick (the Good Humor Ice Cream Sucker) in the 1920s. So much a symbol of America that in the 1920s when immigrants arrived at Ellis Island we would serve them ice cream as part of their first meal in America.

If you have never made ice cream before then you are in for a treat. The texture of homemade ice cream is so creamy and smooth and the flavor so pure, you will not want to ever buy commercial ice creams again.


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